Sunday 13 November 2011


World Of Luxury

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Lately, the luxury goods business seemed to have undergone a facelift and totally brushing aside the devastation of the great Depression faster than what many people had envisaged. Companies are tentatively hedging their bets on the prospect for any expansion deserving of consideration. However, leading brands continually reported incremental 

rise in revenues and profit, not only eluding, but seemingly ridiculing, all the precursors of an unyielding and guarded market, including wavering consumer aplomb, increased reparatory rates, and sauntering ambiguity about the permanence and durability of the restoration.

In the past, consumers helped their country’s recession by seemingly squandering their way out of depressions. Today, even though consumers are still at the center of a global economy, but so far they have been unwilling (and are often unable) to spend their way back to good times. Perhaps it is partly due to the gradual replacement of credit-living with debit cards becoming more and more as a preferred option of spending than instant gratification. With increased far-sightedness and frugality, most consumers are abridging spending in anticipation of preceding pangs over real hardship. 

PhotobucketBut these signs of a revival do not herald a return to biz as usual. Beyond hindsight, the Great Recession was more than a necessary encumbrance-- in fact, it was the turning point for unfathomable transformations in spending behaviors and the dog-eat-dog mise en scène belligerently scowling to ravel the pizzazz of high-living. In this new world of opulence, being unique and pegged can be no difference from pagan symbols--and is no longer enough to make a brand flourish, and fewer amongst the lucid and highly discerning spenders are willing to just merrily partake of exorbitant prices as the mark of austerity with an increase in intellect and logic. They certainly require saner ratiocination to buy than whimsically running through every luxury boutique in town with debauched wanton abandonment; clamoring their ways up into cloud-nine.

Recession panic tensions and uncertainties, like disquieting pins and needles, have virtually swept across every bazaar in the world—even to locations where the leading economic barometers remain decently assured. Basically, consumers have yet to experience any pronounced gloomy backwash from the downslide. Stores all around are ubiquitously filled with hordes of casual window-shoppers. Enchanting sales and promotions, on the other hand, no doubt appeal to buyers but utterly unfavorable for both suppliers and vendors in business. 

To respond to such uncertain climatic developments, luxury goods empires must find means to figure out such vastly contradicting shift in importance and priorities in every leading aspect of their business model and objective. Companies that are able to skillfully manage these shifting tensions will find diamonds in the fire and hence favorable circumstances for growth regardless of whether in either developed and sophisticated establishments or the developing ones.

Hence shopping online has gradually become a picking up trend as more and more people are starting to buy things online simply because online luxury merchandise are relatively cheaper as compare to their over-priced city-counterparts inside slick highly polished boutiques determined by scourging rentals and insane hidden costs-- especially during this period when the grim outlook of the extremely niche luxury goods market slowly become weather-beaten, gradually succumbing to the murky twilight. 

While all this is going on, else where in the distant frontier not too far away and at the far ends of a deep murky tunnel, a burgeoning beacon of hope suddenly rouse and shine light upon the land which was once upon a time covered with milk and honey but now becoming almost near suicidal--and then almost incidentally, WOL was borned!

Daniel Craig with his Omega in James Bond 007

Adrian Broody in Bvlgari launch


A storm in brewing..

Thursday 10 November 2011

Fashion statement

Avante garde fashion icon, Marc Jacobs, bares it all for Louis Vuitton Graffiti collection in honor and remembrance of his long time pal, Sprouse, who passed away in 2004.